Sala-jardín-bar: The Things We Make, Curated by Anna Goetz
Mounira Al Solh (in collaboration with Gabriela Jauregui), Gina Folly, Cyprien Gaillard, Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter, Charlotte Posenenske, Rehana Zaman (in collaboration with Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers)

August 21 - September 18, 2021

Charlotte Posenenske, Vierkantrohre Serie DW, exhibition view "All this, sweetheart, will be yours someday", Galerie Loehr, Frankfurt, September 9, 1967, curated by Paul Maenz and Peter Roehr.

Statement of Charlotte Posenenske published in Art International 12, no. 5, May 1968.

Flyer for the exhibition “Posenenske. Serien D und DW”, Kleine Galerie, Schwenningen, 1967.

Charlotte Posenenske, Vierkantrohre Serie DW, installation program for the exhibition "All this, sweetheart, will be yours someday", Galerie Loehr, Frankfurt, September 9, 1967.

Courtesy of the Estate of Charlotte Posenenske

Cyprien Gaillard,
Documentation of "Cyprien Gaillard, The Recovery Of Discovery, 27 March – 22 May 2011, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin", Photos: Josephine Tischer, © Cyprien Gaillard

Mounira Al Solh,
Tickling Under the Skirt of Patriarchy. Evolving Feminism: A rereading in the light of our recent revolutions, NOA (Not Only Arabic), Issue #4, 2021.
Edited by Nada Ghosn and Mounira Al Solh, with interviews with Raja Alemm, Asieh Amini, Mariem Guellouz, Asma Lamrabet, Khadija Salami, Insam Salman, Alanoud Sharekh, Azza Soliman, MarieClaude Souaid, Wassyla Tamzali, Samar Yazbeck. Drawings by Mounira Al Solh, Design by Karine Wehbé Studio.
Publication, ink jet on paper, 68 pp
19 x 27 cm (7.48 x 10.62 in)

Gina Folly,
The Captured Heart (CDMX). A young princess was a thousand times more beautiful than the daughter of the witch Rumpelplums. Because of this, the witch cast a curse on the young princess, condemning her to a life without laughter and perpetual tears. Only a prince could free the ensnared heart of the princess. We unfortunately do not know how long the princess has been crying. As you attempt to free the heart, you should not cry immediately if after several attempts the heart is still captured, 2021.
Stainless steel
110 x 95 x 10 cm (43.30 x 37.40 x 3.93 in)

Rehana Zaman (in collaboration with Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers),
How Does an Invisible Boy Disappear?, 2018.
Video, color, stereo sound, 16:9
25 min
Director of Photography: Chinekwu Okoronkwo, Producer Kayt Hughes, Sound Recordist: Craig Rihoy, Post Production Sound: James Bull, Colourist: Siena Bevan, Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2018, copyright the artist and Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers

Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter,
Theme Music One Against All (Uno contro tutti), 2018-2021
Musical score, instructions
Dimensions variable