Heavy Pettings

Annie Bielski & Molly Welsh
12/15/2012 - 1/31/2013

are pleased to present HEAVY PETTINGS 
an exhibition of work by artists Annie Bielski & Molly Welsh.

It may not be wise to continue going steady if you reach the point that you
are so involved with each other that nothing else matters much anymore. 
Some couples find themselves too entangled emotionally when they date
each other exclusively. They fall so hopelessly in love that they cannot eat
or sleep or study or keep up any of the normal activities that were once
such fun. When this state of affairs develops, the time has come to try to get
back on an even keel.

This condition frequently occurs when one person is more seriously
interested than the other. He or she clings to the relationship frantically. 
Sensing that the feelings are not returned, the frustration of unrequited love
may make him (it is sometimes her) become extremely possessive, and
preoccupied with holding the other’s attention. This frustration continues
until one or both decide it is best to break up.

Going steady is not wise when it results in physical stimulation and excitation
that is too frequent or too intense.  When two persons who are fond of each 
other spend a great deal of time together in privacy, they may begin habits of 
necking and petting that bring them to a high point of sexual excitement. 
Occasionally couples get to a place where they can enjoy each other only in
their solitary love-making. Then they are apt to work each other up to such a 
pitch of excitation that they are helpless to control it wisely. When such a 
situation arises, it is time to call a halt before it gets out of bounds.

There is an important difference between enjoying another fine person in a full, 
rich companionship and getting so involved with him or her that you are 
unable to keep your attention on a variety of activities and moods. 
Before you get so involved that the balance is gone from your life, 
it is time to regain your perspective.

Annie Bielski (b. 1990) received her BFA in Painting & Drawing from 
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012.
Molly Welsh (b.1991) is a BFA candidate in Painting & Drawing at 
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.