It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Tim Mann & Jon Waites
5/10/2013 – 5/15/2013

LODOS is delighted to present 'It's Five O'clock Somewhere', an exhibition by artists Tim Mann & Jon Waites.
The show opens Friday, May 10th with a reception from

Two guys walk into a bar:

“Long day?” one asks, the other cracks a smile. They clink mugs, finish their beers, and order another round.

We wake up in the morning, make it through a day’s work, get home, take our shoes off and unwind.
It’s hard for us not to think about play while we work and even harder to keep the two from seeping into each other.
Though we understand that there’s a conflict in there, sometimes ya just gotta go with your gut.

That being said, have a beer and relax, it’s been a long day.

For this exhibition, Mann & Waites will present new sculptural work.